Hard to organize your business?

Foinikas App will help you make it easy!

Foinikas is a lightweight and simple to use web application. You can organize your customers, track your appointments, your economics and much more, anytime, from everywhere you are in a blink of an eye!

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Customers List

Create a new customer contact with a simple click. Add as much information you need for each customer like e-mail, telephone, street address, notes, etc. From customer contact, you can see all his appointments and you can by filtering them to see the upcoming or appointments witch pending payment. You can also see customer's economic information.


You can create an appointment with a click, then easily connect the appointment with a customer, add date and time and you are done! Optional you can add notes, checklists, payments, reminders and more actions and information like that.


Create orders, add products and payments and connect them with your customers. Take control of your store and run your business even through your smartphone!!

Reports and Diagrams

You can get at any time reports and diagrams about your economics, clients list with the biggest debt, clients list with the biggest turnover and much more only with a click!

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