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Customers Management

Create new customers with a simple click. Search through your customers with ease even from your mobile device. Use "smart" fields to save the details you need per customer based on your business type.

Appointments Management

Create appointments with a click, connect them with a customer, add date and time and you are done! Optional you can add notes, checklists, payments, reminders, employees, tags and check for pending transactions.

Orders Management

Create orders, add products and payments and connect them with your customers. Take control of your store and run your business even through your smartphone!!

Reports and Diagrams

Control your finances. Add amounts per customer or appointment so you know always the financial situation of your business and be able to deal immediately with outstanding debts. Use statistics and graphs so you can have direct supervision and be aware constantly about the income / expenses per time period, customer, etc., as well as the total number of appointments and orders per period.

Files Storage System

Stop looking for various documents or photos here and there when you need them most. Organize your business by putting such files in one common place per customer.

Employees Management

Organize your business even more by assigning appointments and orders to specific people. Check various statistics and economic details based on such assignments and utilize your people more efficiently.


Activate "Two Factors Authentication" to secure your account and your data even more.

Role based access control

You can add as many users you like with various access rights based on their role. That way you can have many administrators, editors etc and have total control over the piece of information each role can access and edit.

Manage your business from everywhere

Foinikas.app is a web application so you can access it from anywhere and any device as long as you have a secure internet connection. Stop looking for that agenda anymore. Now you can manage your business in a flexible way and offer better services to your customers through your smartphone

Categories and Notes

Use tags to categorize or even group your appointments and orders. That way you can search for a specific category or even check useful statistics and details in order to make serious business decisions based on them.


  • 1000 Customers
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Categories
  • 5GB files storage limit
  • Basic Financial Reports
  • Email Notifications
  • Access from any device
  • Email support

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€108 €99 / year

* VAT is not included

  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Categories
  • 20GB files storage limit
  • Extensive Financial Reports using categories and employees as cost centers
  • Email Notifications
  • Access from any device
  • Telephone Support

16% discount

€468 €390 / year

* VAT is not included

  • All Business features
  • On premises installation
  • Tailor-made features and functionalities
  • 24/7 support
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